Post Horn Gallop

by Derek Benfield


Hull Film Theatre
Jan 9-11 1986

Chester Dreadnaught returns from his honeymoon to find his aristocratic in-laws have turned their stately home into a tourist attraction which attracts a motley collection of characters including sinister art thieves Mr Capone and Mr Wedgewood. Wackiness ensues.


Ada Janet Halliday
Lord Elrood Gordon Berry
Lady Elrood Judy Gilson
Patricia Sarah Gregg
Miss Partridge Sheelagh Jackson
Chester Dreadnaught David Burton
Bert Dave Barber
Maggie Natalie Marcus
Mr Capone Mike Farrah
Mr Wedgewood Yvonne Berry
George Willis Paul Johnson

Directed by Mary Foster


Chester gets the point

Was I In That One?  A bit like wholesale substitutions in an England friendly, there were big changes between Love’s A Luxury and Post Horn Gallop. Off the field went Sally, Chuck, Rosie, Tim and Anne to be replaced by Gordon, Judy, Sarah, Sheelagh, Natalie, Mike, Yvonne and Paul – although Paul would prove to be a one cap wonder. Some people just can't take the discipline, the commitment, not to mention the endless cups of tea! Having done her bit to get the Chameleon Players up and running, Mary bowed out gracefully after this one.

Quote, Unquote  An enjoyable production, although my two abiding memories are not actually associated with the performance. The first was having to spend a ridiculous amount of time rehearsing falling on top of Janet (How successful that was you can judge from the photograph) The second was painting the stonework on the flats on Mary's driveway in the depths of winter. It was so cold that Dave Barber tried making a fire from the scraps of wood to keep us warm and set the hedge alight! Although Love’s A Luxury was described as “a farcical comedy”, and we’ve done many other comic plays since,  this is one of only two true farces we’ve ever tackled David

Ada gives Chester a warm welcome

The Audience Won't Notice  As we didn’t quite have enough men Yvonne cross-dressed the part of the mute Mr Wedgewood under the cunning anagrammatical alias of Byron Verney. This worked fine while she was in a camel-hair coat and fedora but, appearing in her final scene in a boy scouts uniform, she looked horribly like Jimmy Krankie!